** An archive of the event is now available, including results, puzzles, videos, and more.**

The Famine Game is an epic contest in which tributes from across the nation of Pangram struggle to survive in a deviously crafted arena full of surprises. For nearly three-quarters of a century, 24 tributes have fought to the death in hopes of bringing glory to their families, friends, and fellow district mates.

Since this year will mark the arrival of the 75th Annual Famine Game, we are pleased to announce that TEAMS of tributes will be chosen to compete in this year’s event. The festivities will take place in the Capitol over the weekend of September 27-29th.

To learn more about The Famine Game, please visit the About page.

We have selected our 24 tribute teams. Visit the Tributes page to watch a video of the Reaping Ceremony and see a full list of the chosen teams and their districts.

Rejoice in the glory of our fair nation, and peace be to all!

Gamemaker Headquarters
The Capitol, Pangram